PERGOLA Inc. manufactures world-class retractable pergola systems PERGOLA and outdoor blinds I-ZIPSCREEN for all around the World at its production facilities in Istanbul with its quality-oriented professional team.
Our company is growing with its international references which reached to many different points of the World, active for adding value to your architectural point of view and offering the most functional solutions.
We aim your all year comfort. Outdoor blinds branded as I-zipscreen are being manufactured to present functional solutions for your all year joy.
I-zipscreen outdoor blinds ensure a great privacy and year-round protection from sun, wind, rain and insects. Side channels which have self-aligning secure guided movement provide impressive functional use. I-zipsecreen brings seasonal values with its aesthetic features and is produced with the world’s best quality advanced fabric.

Hand in hand with our solution partners:

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All seasons outdoor everywhere!
It has always been, and will always be, about worldwide quality…

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